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  • VRTX aims to establish the World’s first dedicated Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) pilot training organisation, using the latest training technologies in both eVTOL and UAM operations.

  • By merging industry leading expertise in Airline Pilot Training & Standards, Air Traffic Management and Drone Pilot training, VRTX was born.

  • Our mission is to create the benchmark in eVTOL Advanced Air Mobility pilot training standards.



Hugo MacNulty

Co - Founder

- With over 20 years commercial flying experience, Hugo has a passion for Aviation and is currently a Captain & Airline Pilot Examiner on the Airbus A320/1 Neo Aircraft with a leading European Airline.
- An experienced Board member with over a decade sitting on the Board of Prem Group, one of Ireland’s largest pan European Hotel & Leisure Groups.
- In 2021 Hugo established VectorCap, a niche investment manager focussing on small European Aerospace companies developing new and disruptive technologies.
- Hugo has a background in Commercial Property, Audit, Finance and Law.


Diarmuid O’Riordan

Co - Founder

- Diarmuid is a current Airbus A330 Captain and Type Rating Instructor on all Airbus variants. A retired Irish Military Officer Commanding ATC Unit, he continues to exercise the privileges of a Swiss Civil Air Traffic Controller Licence.
- In 2015 Diarmuid founded ASG, one of Europe’s leading aviation training organisations (ATO). ASG provides EASA certified ATPL, PPL and other bespoke Aviation Training Courses. Winner of best Aviation School at the Irish Enterprise Awards.
- Diarmuid was awarded the Gold medal for Master of Business Administration from Technological University Dublin in 2014.
- Diarmuid serves as an expert on the Safety & Technical Committee of the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA).


Gary O’Malley

Co - Founder

- Gary is a current Boeing 737 Captain and Instructor with over 20 years commercial flying with various major European airlines. From commencing flying at age 14, to being promoted to Airline Captain at 27, Gary has logged over 10,000 hours commercial jet-time in all four corners of the Globe.
- Gary is Part-Owner and Director of O’Malley Pub Group, which owns and operates some of Ireland’s most iconic venues. His commercial experience in the hospitality industry has led him to unearth new ventures in the AAM market.
- Gary has developed a strong network with leading stakeholders in the eVTOL/AAM ecosystem, both in Ireland and Globally.


Mark Prendergast

Co - Founder

- A veteran of the aviation industry with over 25 years of military and commercial manned and unmanned aviation, Mark has amassed considerable experience across multiple disciplines.
- Mark is a current Airbus A320/1 Neo Captain with a major European airline and is founder, Managing Director and Head of Training of a highly regarded and successful European focused unmanned aircraft training academy.
- Mark's unmanned aviation experience includes participation on UAS regulatory and compliance working groups within the European Cockpit Association (ECA), sits on the Irish Aviation Authority's (IAA) UAS Advisory Council and is a current UAS Flight Examiner.

Urban Air Mobility towards 2030

  • Key market drivers include; Carbon Taxation, Urban Congestion, Battery Technology & ESG.

  • FAA Part 135 / EASA SC-VTOL certification by 2024.

  • EASA eVTOL Type Rating 2025 with RPL / VPL 2026.

  • 160 start-up OEMs including; Joby / Vertical Aerospace / Supernal / Volocopter / Lilium / Archer / Beta.

  • 10,000 UAM aircraft in service by 2030 increasing to 47,000 by 2040. 

  • The expected CAGR growth is 30.3% with an expected market valuation of $4.12Bn.

UAM Pilot Numbers

  • Type rated EASA / FAA / CAA CPL (eVTOL) licence holders.

  • UAM pilot market will be larger in 2028 than the current Business Jet market is today.

  • Tailored EASA / FAA training regulations fit for UAM airspace and eVTOL aircraft.

  • More efficient training through the use of new training technologies such as Virtual and Augmented reality software.


The primary objectives of VRTX are:

  • To develop the standards for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and in particular the pilot licencing and Operator Approvals for eVTOL aircraft and all aircraft operating in Urban Air Mobilty (UAM).

  • To offer online and in person training and certification for pilots and operators in the relevant category for both theoretical knowledge and practical competences towards the grant of an initial VPL EASA licence.

  • To offer continuous appraisal, checking and retraining for pilots and operators in the relevant category for both theoretical knowledge and practical competences towards the renewal of an EASA VPL licence and Air Operator Certification.

  • To provide consultancy to OEM’s and independent commercial eVTOL operators for the flight testing and introduction of aircraft into commercial flight operations.

The World’s most friendly Aviation jurisdiction – Ireland

  • Dedicated Irish Aviation Authority UAS “Drone Champion” since 2021.

  • Home to 14 of the top 15 Aircraft Leasing Companies, managing 65% of the World’s leased fleet.

  • Currently the only English speaking Country within EASA, the language of Aviation.

  • Government supported UAM projects such as Future Mobility Campus Ireland based in Shannon Airport.

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 13.35.31.png

Leading the way in AAM Pilot Training

  • Dedicated EASA eVTOL ATO.

  • Dedicated EASA UAM recognised entity.

  • Leading consultation on the development of eVTOL EFB software and Centre of Excellence eVTOL training schools of the future.

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